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Depression and Hope in Art:

Petra Sluijters' "YOU" enriched StreetsmArt's Amsterdam East location.

Amsterdam, November 23, 2023


The StreetsmArt location on the Molukkenstraat is currently being extensive with the powerful artwork "YOU" by the talented artist Petra Sluijters.

After her successful exhibition I'M BLUE, this emotional painting is now part of the collection of StreetsmArt. It highlights the theme of depression and the feeling of darkness, and proves to be ideally suited for the target group of vulnerable young people between the ages of 16 and 27 years. The initiative, supported by the Gemeente Amsterdam, brings art and mental health together. “YOU” acts as a visual voice for those struggling with their inner demons. In the homely atmosphere of StreetsmArt, young people not only receive accessible support, but also the opportunity to experience art that reflects their own experiences.


The artwork "YOU" is a visual eye-catcher, with a powerful symbol of hope and resilience for those who visit StreetsmArt. This collaboration between art and mental health promises to create an inspiring environment where young people can discover their own strength, supported by the artistic expression of Petra Sluijters.


The StreetsmArt location on the Molukkenstraat

"YOU" seen through the app Artivive. Petra Sluijters works with interactive video art. Viewers have to use their phones to see this video art. That appeals even more to young people.

Exciting news

Mick finds a new home in Oud Gastel

Oud Gastel, October 12, 2023


The beautiful work of art "Mick" from the Iconic Pop figures collection of GUS has found a new home with an art lover in Oud Gastel. This sale marks a milestone for GUS, as almost all of the Iconic Popfigures have now found their way to admirers.


GUS is currently working on a new series of leather artworks that explore the beauty of nature and the complexity of sexuality. These bold and compelling works will form the core of her next solo project, scheduled for late 2024 at your cup of T Gallery. GUS: “Nature and sexuality are fascinating themes that I want to explore through my art. I look forward to sharing these works with the public as soon as possible.”


Still for sale: Jimmy, last portrait of the Iconic Pop figures.


Mick at Oud Gastel


your cup of T Gallery

Petra Sluijters

Visual Artist


Sculptor with leather


Grafic Designer





Makassarstraat 58hs

1095 TD Amsterdam

The Netherlands