Petra Sluijters

Petra Sluijters (1974) is an Amsterdam based artist.
Her focus is on mental health, with the ambition to make well-being an integral part of the art world. Her artwork combines large paintings with video art to create an immersive and emotional experience. She is passionate about exploring the complexity of mental health and tries to raise awareness of issues such as depression, loneliness, low self-esteem and fear of failure. Her work is intended to invite the viewer to reflect, break stigmas and encourage open dialogue.


Download de app Artivive on your smartphone and look with this app at here paintings.
In all Petra’s artworks there is an extra dimension, layer or twist. Nothing is what it seems at first. With these layers she wants to evoke an emotion that the viewer does not immediately experience at first glimpse.



GUS is a big Pop Art lover. With a sequence of pop iconic figures she payed a tribute to her favorite artists true out the time



D.Y.L.A.N. is a grafic designer who designs products for people with mental health issues. Every detail has been thought through when designing these affirmation cards. Every level about DailY Love And Nourish has a deeper meaning.The colors yellow and black have been carefully chosen, as are the numbers 34 and together 68. (The thoughts behind it are are written in detail on the insert card in the box). As a hypnotherapist, D.Y.L.A.N. knows all too well the power of positive words. That is why she has chosen to make the affirmations short, powerful and effective. The affirmation cards are suitable for men & women.